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The Health Coach –  Science-Based Consultations
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It’s all really about energetic balancing, inside and outside the body, for one affects the other.  What is food?  Food IS energy, so balancing energies often includes our energetic source – FOOD.
Our whole lives are food-based, so part of our solution has to be food-based also.
Diet is a BIG part of the picture, especially when stress seems to take over our lives.
Get control of your food and diet, your health, your life, your body and soul.

Most people as they age either have weight issues and/or health issues. There are many ways to work on body systems and to assist with weight reduction, and reducing weight will usually result in less health issues. Also, meditation, hypnosis and forms of relaxation have been known to affect body systems like blood pressure and other things.

Health Consultations include –

  1.     Ionic Cleanse Detox Footbath – 30 minutes for a clean you really feel!
  2.     Zyto Biotechnology Scans – 498 Food Sensitivities, Basic Scan, etc
  3.     Health History, Family Issues & Current Concerns, review forms and info
  4.     List 5 Priorities/Expectation
  5.     Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
  6.     Diet, Blood Type, Eating Habits, Beverages
  7.     BMI and Weight Review
  8.     CD or MP3 for Stress Management
  9.     Learn to Self Test for Supplements, Foods, etc
  10.    And, more or less, depending on time limits that is.  A standard first session is about 2 hours.

    HeartMath® Scan   – useful to indicate stress levels and as a form of biofeedback.  Also indicates how emotions affects the body’s stress levels.

    Ionic Cleanse® Detox Foot Bath   

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    The Ionic Cleanse® Detox Foot Bath is included FREE with all regular Health Consultations.  It is done for 30 minutes, unless a clients requests a shorter session with it.  Most clients find it very relaxing.  Read more here  Ionic Cleanse® Detox Foot Bath

    This is a picture at the beginning of footbath, and just notice how clear the water is



    And, this is the end of a footbath session, about 30 minutes later –


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ZYTO™ Biotechnology Scans –

                                      The Wave of Future Health!

ZYTO™ is like a giant mouse attached to a an internet-based program that ‘reads’ all the frequencies in the body. Every living thing has a energetic frequency and whatever is in your body, ZYTO™ can ‘read’ the bio-energy pattern or wave, and then puts into a neat report form which can be emailed easily.   Read more here  Zyto Biotechnology    

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